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Mareq Live Control

Deep Nektar Pacer foot controller and Ableton Live integration. Works with Ableton Live clips. Perfect for live looping and operating Ableton Live by foots.

Mareq Live Control - Pacer Edition (Light version)


Mareq Live Control - Pacer Edition (Full version)


Mareq Live Control - Pacer Edition (Light to Full version upgrade)



  • intuitive LED feedback (armed, playing status, etc.)
  • zero need of Pacer configuration (configures Pacer automatically)
  • LED colors automatically set to Ableton Live's tracks colors
  • record and trigger clips, record multiple clips mode, record one more mode
  • audio clips overdubbing, group tracks support
  • different workflow modes support, scene mode, tracks mode
  • undo, delete clips, solo single clip, play all clips, scene up/down
  • automatic track arming, Push device enabled (Push is not needed)
  • prepared Live Set templates

More Information

  • check the Manual for configuration and operation description
  • contains description of all the capabilities, functionalities and prepared Live Set templates


Workflow modes

Light Workflow Mode

Light Workflow

(Light & Full version functionality)

Clip slots of the selected scene are managed. Pacer’s stomp switches 1-6, A-B represent the first eight tracks of Live and trigger clip slots of the selected scene.

Pacer’s stomp switches LED lights represent the playing status of clip slots of the selected scene.

This behavior is called Scene Mode.

* The secondary functions (specified in the parentheses in the pictures above) are activated by long pressing a stomp switch.

Complex Workflow Mode

Complex Workflow

(Full version only functionality)

Pacer’s stomp switches 1-6 represent six tracks of Live, identified by their names containing text markers "[1]"-"[6]". Therefore, tracks of any position (and in any order) can be managed in Live.

If the managed track is a group track, the stomp switch manages all the sub-tracks of the group track: records sub-tracks one by one gradually, or triggers all the sub-tracks. This is useful for overdubbing, even of audio clips.

If there was a previously played clip slot of a managed track, this last played clip slot is triggered, regardless of which scene is selected (if there was no previously played clip slot, the clip slot of the currently selected scene is triggered, as in Scene Mode).

New clip of the particular track is recorded into the first empty clip slot downward the selected scene. This provides a convenient way of gradually recording new clips of the tracks while the song is evolving, without a need of selecting scenes.

This behavior is more advanced and very effective for live performances. We call it Tracks Mode.

Short-pressing the Down/Up stomp switch temporarily switches to Scene Mode, long-pressing the Down stomp switch toggles between Scene Mode and Tracks Mode.

Automatic Pacer configuration

(Light & Full version functionality)

Automatic track arming

(Light & Full version functionality)

Indicate track arm status

Full LED feedback

(Light & Full version functionality)

Scene Mode

(Light & Full version functionality)

Tracks Mode

(Full version only functionality)

Group tracks

Audio clips overdubbing

(Full version only functionality)

Record one more clip

Record multiple clips

(Full version only functionality)

Play single track / restore previously played tracks

(Light & Full version functionality)

Prepared Live Set templates

(Light & Full version functionality)

Light version demonstration video

Full version has even more features. We will prepare the Full version demonstration video in the future.

What people are saying

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Perfect, in love with it. It is absolutely what I needed, I'm very grateful for your support and for building up this awesome plug. Thank you very much! Will be recommending your tool to anyone who could benefit from it, for sure.

— Camilla

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— Marian

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Absolutely perfect! Exactly what I needed for my looping performances.

— Marek

Full potential

To utilize the device to its full potential, please read the Manual.

Knowing all the possibilities will give you the freedom in your live performances.